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The workshop was opened in 1998 by Paolo Sorgentone and Michele Mecatti combining different professional experiences acquired during the years in order to offer comprehensive assistance to string musicians.Our main activity is the making of string instruments, entirely constructed by us, using traditional methods and seasoned raw materials of the highest quality. This guarantees original work, recognizable for its personality, style and acoustics.
Beside this production there are also a certain number of instruments made by our apprentices, these are also entirely handmade under our guidance with our raw materials and are guaranteed by us. We offer assistance ranging from difficult restorations to the usual repairs, including bow maintenance and repair.
In setting up instuments, our aim is to prepare each instument to the particular specifications of each musician. Beside our own instruments we have other instruments of different qualities, periods and origins.
Business hours:
from Monday to Friday 9am-1pm 2pm-7pm and Saturday 9am-1pm.


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