Da Stradivari ai nostri giorni

Paolo Sorgentone

This catalogue, edited by Cremonabooks in 2005 (www.cremonabooks.com) has accompanied two exhibitions: one in Badia di Corropoli – Teramo – from 15th to 22nd July 2005, the other in Montecatini Terme from 24th to 31th July 2005. The exhibition in Teramo was set up with the collaboration of the Tuscan Violin Makers’ Association and the cultural Association “Amadeus” of Teramo along with the patronage of the Comune of Corropoli, Association “Note in libertà” and the “Rotary International”.

The exhibition in Montecatini was set up thanks to the collaboration of the cultural Association “Montecatini Estate Regina”, the Association of Tuscan Violin Makers and the patronage of the city of Montecatini Terme and the Terme of Montecatini. This particular exhibition held instruments of different epochs and proveniences to show how many different styles there are in violin making. Starting from Antonio Stradivari and moving on through different authors of the eighteenth century such as Matteo Goffriller, Nicolò Gagliano, Giovanni Rota and Peter Warmsley, of the nineteenth century with the violins of Vincenzo Postiglione and Giuseppe Scarampella up to the 20th century with Giuseppe Ornati, Carlo Bisiach and Marino Capicchioni.

The catalogue also contains an interesting synthesis of the history of Italian Violin Making, divided in the various “schools”.

The price of the catalogue is 15,00 euro.